Platinum Heritage


Sadly this is the last post about our time in Dubai as adapted from a series of emails that was sent while traveling. I will have a FAQ Dubai post coming up shortly though so don’t worry, I’m not quite done!

When researching what to do in Dubai, it was obvious we had to go on some sort of safari. After lots of reading and searching ,we settled on booking with Platinum heritage.  They are a more expensive company for this type of excursion, but after participating, it is totally worth the extra Dirham!

We were picked up from our hotel, which makes everything so much easier. On our way to the safari, our driver stopped at the camel racing track. YES, camel racing. This is the number one sport in Dubai. The facility is huge. Oddly they only have two small grandstands for viewing. I asked why, and our guide said it was because no one watches. Ummm, what? No one watches your national sport? Nope, because gambling is illegal. Interesting to have a national sport no one watches, very interesting.

Upon arrival at our safari, we were greeted by two rows of vintage Land Rovers. They are the coolest cars ever! We were fitted with some head scarves (that we got to keep) and loaded into our bright yellow vehicle.

The desert was beautiful. Very different from the Sahara from what we saw. There are quite a few trees, etc. which surprised me a little. Obviously we only saw a small portion, so it’s probably more desolate the further into the desert you get.

A highlight of the trip was the falcon demonstration. It was so cool to see these birds in their natural habitat and learn more about how the Bedouin’s utilized them back in the day. We all thought that part would be somewhat lame, and boy were we wrong. They also served us some sparking date juice and that was delicious.

Back in the cars we headed to camp for dinner, entertainment, camel rides and henna. The sun was setting as we drove and it was simply gorgeous. I love a good sunset, and I really love a desert sunset. The colors are always spectacular.

We arrived at camp and they showed us to our table and where everything was. Our first stop was the camel! When I was in Africa we did a camel trek and rode one hump camels to our overnight campsite. This was not that. There were a few lines of three camels tethered together and they were two hump camels. Luckily there were three of us so we each got our own camel friend. The ride was quick and I am totally okay with that. Riding a camel makes you SUPER sore.


Food time! They served awesome food including camel stew. I tried a little and honestly, it wasn’t bad. I also tried camel milk. Also, not bad. Would be good in coffee since it’s a bit thicker than regular milk.

Then we made our way to the henna lady. She was super nice and did a great job. I’m only mildly obsessed with henna. No that’s a lie, I’m totally obsessed.

After henna, they had some performances of traditional dancing and we enjoyed dessert with some hookah. I liked the hookah having done it a few times at home, but I was alone in the enjoyment of that portion of the night.

The moon was out and almost full, so it made everything more beautiful. What was cool was that we were not rushed. Everyone lets you hang out until you want to leave, it’s not a set end time and I really liked that. Another positive of this safari was that the number of people on this excursion was much less than the others we researched, and that enhanced our experience immensely.

We weren’t out late which was good because we had to switch hotels and head toward the airport for our morning flight to Delhi.

I would absolutely recommend the safari we participated in. Having done a three day overnight camel trek in the Sahara, I was skeptical that this would even come close. It absolutely did. Go on this safari when you visit Dubai you will not regret it.

Good night Dubai, you surprised the hell out of me and I will be back!


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